Sarah + Ryan - Providence, RI

After a rainy start to the weekend, Sarah and Ryan had absolutely one of the greatest weather days in all of May. My streak continues! It was sunny and warm and some clouds rolled in a just the right moments to get some great photos.

They were married at the Botanical Gardens in Roger Williams Park. I've shot here a few times now, and it's making my top 10 list of wedding spots. The park is a great place for photos, the inside of the garden is unique and such a wonderful setting. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

A selection of favorites awaits you.

What the heck is a print/album credit?

I recognize that much like snowflakes, no two brides are alike. So instead of forcing you to get certain sized albums or a predetermined quantity of prints, you get a print/album credit. I have packages that include $1000 and $2000 print/album credits.

This allows for flexibility. 

Let's say you want one amazing, beautiful album for yourself. Maybe that means a 10x10, 20 spread album. At $50/spread, that's $1000. There you go.

Maybe you want a nice album for yourself and 2 albums for each set of parents, because, let's face it... they probably had a lot to do with you existing and having a wedding. Maybe that means a 10x10, 10 spread album for you ($500) and 2 - 8x8, 10 spread albums for your parents and in-laws ($25/spread = $250 each). Again, a total of $1000.

You can of course also add beautiful enlargements, sets of 4x6's or anything else that may suite your needs from my print library as well.

I can sense your imagination starting to run wild with all the possibilities, so I'll stop explaining all the other possible combinations and let you email me to set up a meeting so you can tell me exactly what you want.

Brianne + Kevin - Rumford, RI

I've been having good weather luck this wedding season. Another great day in Rhode Island, just enough clouds and sun to make some great pictures.

Brianne and Kevin got married at St. Teresa's in Pawtucket and had their reception at Wannamoisett Country Club in Rumford. But my favorite part of the day was where Brianne got ready, and where we had time to take some of the formal pictures... NYLO Hotels in Warwick.

I promise NYLO did not pay me what I'm about to say: It's one of the best places in all of Rhode Island to get ready for your wedding. Central location, modern/industrial feel, fantastic space and amenities, and a friendly staff. Some of that might not be your thing, but as a photographer, it was great. Awesome lighting, fun textures, and plenty of room to move around. An all-around win.

Some of my favorite images are below, and congratulations to Brianne and Kevin.

Click to enlarge.